The Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment is an ideal treatment for women who are seeking a natural way to strengthen their hair and wear it straight or curly. We've created a picstitch of a Huetiful Salon client who has very thick, kinky-curly hair. You can watch the full treatment, step by step, here. 


The top picture features her hair after the treatment. She wanted to be able to wear it straight, but with some texture for the first few days after her visit to the salon. However, she prefers to wear her hair curly throughout the week. 


This is the client's hair in its natural state. While not necessary, we start each of our clients' treatments off with an oil scalp massage. 


The application of the treatment is extremely easy. Notice that the stylist has chosen to not wear gloves when applying the treatment. The Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment has a ph-level between 1 and 2. It is similar to lemon juice so it will not burn or sting the client or the stylist. There also is no odor or fumes as it is a natural treatment absence of harmful ingredients often associated with smoothing treatments. You'll also notice that the stylist is easily combing through the hair strands with a fine toothed comb. 


After application, you blow and flat iron the hair. The heat activates the restructuring (not the breaking) of the bonds to allow for a natural, smooth hair strand. It only took 17 minutes to blow out the hair and the flat iron required one to two passes at a heat lower then she'd normally use. Less Heat = Less Damage. 


We then do a trim, when necessary, and finish with a light style. She's ready to go in less than 2.5 hours.