Huetiful Affiliate Fee - Level 1

Membership has its privileges. As a member of the Huetiful Affiliate Network, you are joining a collection of the best and busiest natural hair stylists. As a member of the Huetiful Affiliate Network, you enjoy the following:

PRICE:  $50/week base rate

1.  Referrals. Direct listing and links to your site on the website

2.  Accreditation as a certified natural hair care specialist

3.  Access to discounted Huetiful Professional products at wholesale pricing

4.  Free Shipping for orders of $150 or more

5.  Monthly group (or individual) business coaching

POLICY:  Huetiful Affiliate fees are charged in the amount of $50 every 7 days. If payment is not successful, Recharge will attempt to charge on the next two subsequent days. If payment is still unable to be collected, Huetiful Affiliation will be suspended and re-application will be required to be readmitted.

There is a $35 processing fee for reinstating a Huetiful Affiliate. 


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